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White man aims gun at Black man for encouraging social distancing (video)

(Photo: screenshot via @dj_torney Twitter)

A Black man was nearly shot for encouraging people to practice social distancing. The incident occurred at Nick’s Roast Beef in Philadelphia, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The Black man, who has yet to be identified, was riding a bike when he stopped at Nick’s Roast Beef, where several people were on a patio eating. He noticed that the people at the restaurant were not wearing masks or practicing social distancing in the midst of the global pandemic. The Black man reportedly started to yell at the people who were at the restaurant, encouraging them to do a better job of protecting themselves and the public as COVID-19 spreads.

However, the restaurant’s owner, Jamie Atlig, who is White, decided to confront the Black man and the two got into a verbal confrontation. The Black man told Atlig, “MAGA privilege,” referring to the current presidential administration and Atlig returned by saying, “Trump 2020.”

Atlig then pulled out a gun and aimed at the Black man. Two women stepped in between the men to help defuse the situation. Police were called, but the Black man left before they arrived. When the authorities did arrive, Atlig claimed that he felt threatened by the Black man and was not arrested.

However, a witness, who goes by @dj_torney on Twitter, shared the cell phone video footage with Philadelphia City Councilmember Isaiah Thomas, who posted it to Twitter.

“My friend Liz, the blonde in front of the man with the gun, was standing up for the young black man who only had A BIKE LOCK!!! We need answers,” @dj_torney posted.

Philadelphia police are currently investigating and searching for the Black victim.

View footage of the incident after the jump.

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