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Black-owned food delivery service Black and Mobile arrives in Atlanta

David Cabello of Black and Mobile (Photo courtesy of Black and Mobile Owner)

When 25-year-old Philadelphia native David Cabello realized that there was no Black-owned food delivery app on the market, he and his twin brother Aron put their minds to work to create Black and Mobile.

Black and Mobile, which was founded in 2017 and launched in 2019, specializes in food from Black-owned restaurants.

Cabello launched the service in his hometown and has since expanded to offer his services in Detroit and now Atlanta. Through his business, he has employed upward of 300 drivers in a little over a year’s time.

We spoke with the young entrepreneur about his business success and new expansion.

Tell us about your launch in Atlanta.

We were supposed to launch on July 18, but I was having some problems with my developers at the moment with launching the final product. They’re Black-owned tech companies, so we’re trying to keep the money in the circle. We just launched on July 21 on our website. The final products will be done today or tomorrow.

What is the process like for restaurants to be selected or apply to be on your app?

We have a database of restaurants in almost every city where we gather a list. We email people and DM them. When I go out to a city, I pull up on them and drop flyers off and talk to them. If someone was interested in another city or a current city, you can go to to apply to the business application.

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