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Atlanta stripper Boss Tec shares how exotic dancers should manage their money

Boss Tec has the keys for other dancers to be successful outside of the nightlife

Boss Tec is a businesswoman who is also known as an exotic dancer at night. Boss Tec is now striving to help other women set themselves up for success in the real world while showcasing their talents and redefining their careers as strippers. That led Boss Tec to launch her new series, “Boss Tec Boot Camp,” for women to compete for a chance at a life-changing opportunity.

Boss Tec spoke with rolling out about the show, her life as a stripper, and how she balances being a businesswoman and mother.

What led you into stripping?

I really didn’t have a choice. I just needed fast money and quick. I was new to the city. I had my kids. I had a job, but like I said before on a few podcasts, things weren’t adding up. I had custody of my sister’s child, and [because she] was doing her bid, [I was] sending her money every month. The strip club helped me and saved me a lot through everything. What led me to it is just the money, the fast money, the stories. The women I was meeting in Atlanta, I would ask them, “What do you do? Where do you work? How do you keep up?”

What is the biggest misconception about strippers?

That we’re putting ourselves out there. They’re going to think this way of us; they’re going to look at us this way, but it’s stupid. Like with me, you look at my Instagram and you look at what I do. You might think I’m a h– or I’m easy, or that you can just pay me some bucks. I’m the complete opposite. I’m very still. I’m a homebody, I turn up, I do my bookings, I go home, and I cook for my man. Then I go on my Instagram, and I watch y’all. It can be very tricky and judgy, but I’m used to it. I’m used to being a stripper in the room. That’s why you have to hold your head high no matter what.

How would you tell a stripper to manage their money?

It was a little easier for me because I’m from the country and I was a country girl so I wasn’t interested in all this designer and flashy s—. So it was a little easier for me, but for the women that are interested it in, you really have to not care about that stuff. It doesn’t last. You’re going to break it, you’re going to lose it, you’re going to wear it out, and it’s going to go out of style. You have to save every dime, and you have to really live like you’re broke. If you have $30k in the bank you have to move like you only have $100 to your name. You have to put it into your mind and let people around you believe this about you. Can’t nobody know what you have in your account for you … because then they will always be asking, and you always will be put in situations where you’re spending: “Come out here. Let’s do this. Let’s do that.” Now you have to go spend all this money to get ready for it. Just chill and sit back.

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