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CURLFEST’s Melody Henderson connecting women globally with virtual event

Tell us about the virtual programs that you’re offering to the community.

We launched a weekly session called Curly Girl Convos and it’s a one on one live conversation with everyone from influencers, celebrities, educators, brands and therapists. It’s really a moment for us to pause and connect.

Tell us about the upcoming virtual CURLFEST event.

We’re having a CURLFEST Beauty Summit in mid-September, and you’ll be able to access and find out all the good info that we’re about to drop on our platforms: @curlygirlcollective on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We’re going to touch on various topics, have influencers, have brands, bring new vibes, and we’re going to try to recreate some of the vibes virtually. It’s an opportunity for us to continue to connect on all key points that we feel are important. We get people who come from all over South Africa, Europe, and I think this is a nice way to truly connect with our global community.

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