Black man shot multiple times by cops in front of his children (graphic video)

Black man shot multiple times by cops in front of his children (graphic video)
Police officers, with guns drawn, during a confrontation with a Black father in Wisconsin. (Image source: Twitter – @attorneycrump)

An unarmed Black man was shot several times in the back at point-blank range after a confrontation with Wisconsin police during a traffic stop as his children watched in horror.

According to KMOV in Wisconsin, the man, identified as Jacob Blake, a father of three sons, was shot from behind by police in Kenosha, a 45-minute drive south of Milwaukee near the Illinois border, on Sunday night, Aug. 23, 2020.

An unidentified bystander filmed the violent episode from inside his or her home from across the street and posted it on Facebook. The video shows what appears to be two Kenosha police officers with their guns drawn following Blake as he walks from the passenger side of his vehicle and attempts to get in on the driver’s side.

When Blake opened the door to the driver’s side, according to KMOV, one of the officers appeared to grab him by the back of the shirt while pointing a gun at his back. It was then that seven loud gunshots were heard, according to the recorded video. Blake immediately went limp and fell forward onto the steering wheel as the car horn blared loudly.

Blake is currently fighting for his life at a local hospital and is listed in critical condition. Protesters took to the streets after the shooting, and two of the officers on the scene have been placed on leave pending an internal investigation into what transpired.

According to CNN, the Kenosha police officers were dispatched to the scene to address a domestic disturbance of some sort but the nature of the disagreement has yet to be revealed. There also is no video footage to determine what precipitated the confrontation between Blake and the cops before he was shot.

Despite not knowing all of the circumstances leading to the shooting, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers offered condolences to Blake’s family and admonished police for their chronic failure to de-escalate confrontations between police and Black men.

CNN and other news outlets are awaiting more information, which remains fluid at press time.

Flip the page to watch the Facebook posting of the shooting from a bystander, along with words of outrage from famed attorney Benjamin Crump, who on Monday, Aug. 24, announced he will be representing Blake’s family. (Warning: The video is graphic.)

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