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Politics » Kanye West claims he’s not paid by GOP and outearns the president (video)

Kanye West claims he’s not paid by GOP and outearns the president (video)

Kanye West (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Kanye West, who is running as an independent presidential candidate, vehemently denies that he’s being paid off by Republican operatives to sabotage Joe Biden’s White House aspirations.

In a wide-ranging interview discussion with exiled actor Nick Cannon at Kanye’s range in rural Wyoming, the College Dropout rapper touched on the campaign, his devotion to Christianity, his “Sunday Services” and being called a “clown” by singer Stephanie Mills.

“People keep on saying I think that y’all, you and Republicans, are in cahoots,” West said in response to Cannon’s statement that many urbanites believe the president is “paying you to do what you’re doing to be a distraction” in the general election.

“Bro, can’t nobody pay me,” West shot back on Cannon’s podcast, “Cannon’s Class,” that was released on Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2020. “I got more money than Trump.”

Cannon wanted to know if he has any delusions on whether winning the White House is “realistic right now in 2020.”

“I’m not running for president, I’m walking,” Kanye retorted jokingly.

Cannon also broached another thorny issue during their talk with the “Jesus Walks” rapper. Singer Stephanie Mills called Cannon and Kanye “clowns” for their recent behavior that garnered national headlines. West was dissected like a frog for a disastrous inaugural presidential speech in South Carolina where he cried and said he originally wanted to abort his and Kim Kardashian’s eldest child. Cannon, meanwhile, was also grounded up into sawdust for his anti-Semitic rants with former Public Enemy star Professor Griff on his podcast.

“I saw somebody I love dearly, Stephanie Mills said that you and I are paid slaves and playing and acting like we’re toys, or playing with our toys, and we need to go back home,” Cannon said. “My last name’s a slave name.”

Kanye quickly shot back. “Where is home exactly, Stephanie?”

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