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Tabia Yapp of Bia Blooms creates beautiful bouquets that bring joy

Tabia Yapp, owner of Bia Blooms (Photo courtesy of Bia Blooms)

While traditional bouquets of roses are nice, if you want one with that wow factor, Bia Blooms has you covered.

Bia Blooms is a one-of-a-kind Los Angeles-based floral boutique started by creative entrepreneur Tabia Yapp.

In under a year, Yapp has become the go-to florist for beautiful, bright and bold flowers that will bring joy to all recipients. Each month, she designs a limited number of flower arrangements for a lucky few who make the deadline.

Bia Blooms has even captured the attention of celebrities like Tracee Ellis Ross, Jay-Z, and Pharrell.

We spoke with Yapp about her journey as a successful Black florist.

What inspired you to create Bia Blooms? 

I started arranging flowers as a creative outlet from running my company BEOTIS, a talent agency that reps artists of color. I spend a good chunk of each day sitting in front of a screen or on calls. The opportunity to unplug a bit and work with my hands unlocked a new level of mindfulness and creativity.

What was your introduction to floral design?

I’ve always loved flowers, but I think my eyes were really opened after discovering Bloom and Plume by Maurice Harris a couple of years ago. At that point I had not seen many Black folks as florists, so discovering Maurice and his work just hit differently. Once I decided to explore the flower arranging world a bit more, I bought the book A Year in Flowers by Erin Benzakein, which was equal parts instructional and inspirational. 

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