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White cops viciously beat Black passenger for allegedly not showing ID

(Photo credit: / ArtOlympic)

A deputy in the Clayton County Sheriff’s department is under investigation after viciously beating a Black man.

The incident occurred in Clayton County, Georgia, according to a social media post by Instagram user @jah.vis.

According to the post, the unidentified Black man was a passenger in a Lyft Car with several family members when sheriff deputies allegedly pulled the car over due to a broken tail light.

The deputies allegedly asked for ID and the Black Lyft passenger refused to hand over his ID. At some point, the arrest turned violent as two deputies punched, choked, and pushed the Black man’s face to the pavement. Several kids, who are reportedly family members of the man, screamed as they watched the beating and saw his bloodied face.

The beating continued until a Black deputy came on the scene and helped to place the Black Lyft passenger in handcuffs.

After being posted on social media, the video went viral. One deputy has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation, according to TMZ.

View video of the attack after the jump. (NSFW)

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