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Malina Moye uses her music to promote racial and gender equality

Malina Moye uses her music to promote racial and gender equality
Malina Moye (Photo credit: Isaiah Mays)

Lefty guitarist Malina Moye has been described as explosive. The singer-songwriter and musician has rocked out with the best of them and on the biggest stages around the world and says music makes her feel limitless.

Moye’s father gave her with a right-handed guitar at age 9 and being left-handed, she immediately flipped it upside down and began strumming. Doing things her way comes as natural to Moye as playing her guitar upside down. Moye’s latest single, “Enough” was inspired by this feeling and her desire to spread inspiration to her fans.

What inspired “Enough,” your new single? 

Someone made me feel like I didn’t matter and I didn’t count. I started really seeing the systemic racism in America and I started to see the different ways in which it is prevalent now as it was in the ’50s.

Your father gave you your first guitar, but who were your musical influences growing up?

I loved Prince, Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, Chaka Khan, Janet Jackson and Tina Turner. I love anyone who needs no permission to express themselves or express their music. And it shows on stage. They own it, they embody it, they are it.

How important do you believe it is for women to be represented in various areas of the music industry?

Malina Moye uses her music to promote racial and gender equality
Malina Moye (Photo credit: Smooch)

It’s very important. When you see yourself in the most incredible places, the most incredible things happen. Something I tell myself daily is “when you don’t see yourself represented, show up. When you think you can’t, show up. And always know you matter and you count.”

What has been your biggest lesson as a woman in entertainment? 

Stay focused, trust your instincts. Not everyone is going where you are, and not everyone is going to like you, so watch the people who don’t clap for you. Learn to understand what makes you happy, and it should have nothing to do with things you can buy nor the dependence on someone to make you happy. Success, like money, will help reveal who you really are; are you gracious and kind? Or are you a jerk who likes to feel powerful?

“Enough” is available on all streaming platforms. Follow Malina Moye on Instagram at @malinamoye.

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