Pelicans GM says evolution is critical for Black sports professionals

“We brought in [Olympic champions] Tommie Smith and Edwin Moses [during the] preseason to talk to our players about what it takes to commit to something and be great at something, not only from a professional aspect but also about being able to speak out about something,” Langdon said. “I don’t think a lot of people realized what happened to those athletes when they spoke out for justice.  Their careers were destroyed. They weren’t able to run and compete at that level that they did. They weren’t able to get jobs.”

Not only is it important to have a voice, Langdon said, but also to know how to use your voice to influence and educate others.

“People are educating themselves. When they educate themselves, now you have the power to speak about something. Whereas, a lot of other people haven’t educated themselves about what has gone on especially with African Americans and the history in this country.”

He ended by telling RIDE Con viewers to keep the conversation going even when the unrest dies down and protests end.

“Start to make those relationships and figure out what you want to accomplish. Be passionate… logical and pragmatic. Continue these conversations. It doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be common  conversation.”

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