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How Travis Scott is raising his daughter to be a ‘strong’ Black woman

How Travis Scott is raising his daughter to be a 'strong' Black woman
Travis Scott (Photo credit: Brett D. Cove / Splash News)

Travis Scott is encouraging his daughter to believe she can do “anything a man can do.”

The 29-year-old rapper — who has 2-year-old Stormi Webster with Kylie Jenner — has revealed he’s raising his daughter to be a “strong” young woman.

He shared: “I feel like it’s way more important now to protect young Black daughters, women, and make sure they have the knowledge of how to carry themselves, how to move in this world, how to be strong, how to not even be scared to take that risk on any idea, jump out on any activity.

“Now more than ever, they have the vision.”

Scott wants Stormi to develop a “pure vision” of her long-term future and what she’s able to achieve.

He told .WAV RADIO: “It’s just all about that.”

Scott is similarly keen to encourage his fans to vote in the upcoming U.S. election.

The rap star believes young people across America need to recognize their potential influence.

He said: “That’s why we gotta get out and vote, as the youth, and as us being the future to what this world has a hold, we got that power to change all this s—.”

Meanwhile, Scott has previously admitted to relishing the challenge of parenthood.

The chart-topping star also revealed he was determined to ensure his daughter would be aware of “what’s going on in the world.”

Speaking about his approach to parenthood, he explained: “It’s amazing just to watch my daughter grow.

“I’m keeping her aware of what’s going on in the world. As a parent, I’m always instilling knowledge, even at this age.”

Travis also voiced his support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

He said: “It’s a point where there has to be some acknowledgment, like, ‘This s— is not cool.’

“We’ve been through this for how many years? It’s a fight that we’ve been fighting for, and it seems no one wants to give us this result we’ve been looking for — for years — and our voices need to be heard.”

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