HBCU Elite 100 provides college opportunities to high school basketball players

HBCU Elite 100 provides college opportunities to high school basketball players
Left to right: Chris Cameron (College Hoops Connect), Jah Rawlings (AEBL Hoops), and Tony Lamarr (College Hoops Connect). (Photo credit: @bradbsnapn).

How do student-athletes benefit academically by attending an HBCU?

Student-athletes who attend HBCUs gain a better education and knowledge of who they are, where they come from and the true history of their culture and people. I also believe there’s more synergy around leadership and mentorship for the student-athletes to strive for success on and off the playing field because of the people educating them having their best interest in mind.

With the fight for social justice, do you think that more elite athletes will attend HBCUs? 

Totally. We are seeing the shift of disruption happening right in front of our eyes. Where high-level-ranked athletes are choosing HBCUs over the Power Five conferences or PWI programs. Top prospect Makur Maker (Howard University), Sharone Wright left Wake Forest to attend Morgan State, and Cam Mack left Nebraska to attend Prairie View A&M University. If top prospect Mikey Williams truly decides to attend an HBCU, we’re going to see a lot of the next generations’ top talent choose HBCU programs.

What will be the overall impact of this camp?

The overall impact will be to shed a more positive light on HBCUs and continue to be a voice, a platform, and a resource to more and more student-athletes to gain access and exposure to obtain an athletic scholarship to HBCU Programs.

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