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Music » Vivian Green and hip-hop icon Kwamé make magic with new single, ‘You Send Me’

Vivian Green and hip-hop icon Kwamé make magic with new single, ‘You Send Me’

Vivian Green (Photo courtesy of Make Noise Recordings)

If her new single, “You Send Me,” is any indication of what is to come with her forthcoming album, Love Absolute, Vivian Green is on the fast track to topping the R&B charts during the final quarter of 2020.

An award-winning recording artist herself, Green enlisted the help of legendary hip-hop pioneer Kwamé Holland to produce her seventh solo project, which will be released on Nov. 13. For those who can’t wait, the album will be available for presale Friday, Oct. 23. “You Send Me” also will be available for purchase and streaming Friday on all platforms as well.

In the full version of the song, the Philadelphia native takes charge of the melodic track with her powerful and charming voice. She offers up anticipated approval of her beau, boasting, in no uncertain terms, that he takes her “to another place … over the clouds, across the moon and through the Milky Way.”

While “You Send Me” — and the majority of the album, for that matter — clearly finds Green in her comfort zone all by her lonesome,the Make Noise/SRG ILS/UMG joint release also features guests Ghostface Killah, Mike Philips and various family members, including her son Jordan. She talked about the process of making the album and how it took her back to her roots in an official statement.

“I felt liberated to explore what was in my head without a spotlight, judgment or criticism while recording Love Absolute,” Green reasoned. “I began writing songs at the piano when I was just 11 years old. For me, it is the purest expression of songwriting. My voice and the keys serve as vessels of the music in my head.  In my solitude and away from the studio. While that surely comes later, I prefer the raw expression to come first because there is certainly magic there. That magic is what makes Love Absolute different from my previous albums.”

View the track list for Love Absolute and listen to “You Send Me” after the jump.

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