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Kanye West accepts defeat in 2020 presidential election, sets sights on 2024

Kanye West (Photo credit: Bang Media)

In an election result that comes as no surprise to anyone, former candidate Kanye West conceded the 2020 presidential election after amassing only 50,000 votes nationwide.

Despite the supremely lackluster performance that mirrored his confusing campaign, the rapper-turned-politician told his 30 million Twitter followers that he already has set his sights on running again in 2024.

Kanye, 43, managed to get on the ballot in 12 states but could not amass more than a few thousand votes in most of them. He also admitted on Instagram and Twitter that he voted for the first time in his life. This dismayed many people who wondered why the College Dropout rapper would want to run for something he’d never had an interest in before 2020.

According to preliminary results as reported by The Associated Press, here is how Kanye performed in the following states in which he managed to qualify:

  • Colorado: nearly 6,000 votes;
  • Vermont: 1,200 votes;
  • Arkansas: 3,979 votes;
  • Idaho: 2,309 votes;
  • Iowa: 3,179 votes;
  • Kentucky: 6,259 votes;
  • Louisiana: 4,837 votes;
  • Minnesota: 6,796;
  • Mississippi: 3,009 votes;
  • Oklahoma: 5,587 votes;
  • Tennessee: 10,188 votes;
  • Utah: 4,053 votes

Some political pundits and voters are still bitter toward Kanye because, with the presidential race as close as it is, the winner could come down to a few votes that instead went to Kanye in some of the abovementioned states.