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Cynthia A. Trigg is focused on helping at-risk youth in Texas graduate

Cynthia A. Trigg, CEO and founder of Evolution Academy (Photo provided)

Cynthia A. Trigg is the founder and CEO of Evolution Academy, a charter high school in Texas that serves as a dropout recovery center for at-risk youth. With her 25 years of experience in education from serving as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal, Trigg knew there was a need for a different approach to learning. Founded in 2002, Evolution Academy has graduated over 2,000 students among its three campuses: Beaumont, Houston, and Richardson campuses.

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As a Black woman, what do you consider your superpowers to be?
My superpower is my ability to be strict, firm, fair and compassionate.

What key skill sets or qualities make you unique as an African American female leader?
I am a communicator who is caring, positive, straightforward, diplomatic and tactful. As a leader, I am effective in cultivating and establishing rapport and respected relations with diverse cultures. I am self-motivated and a consistent performer. I possess a strong work ethic, professional in character, and work habits.

Why is it important for women of color to lead or work in leadership roles and decision-making capacities?
It is important to have a seat at the table where transformational decisions are being made that have a direct impact on our communities. It is also important for Black and Brown girls to see successful individuals who look like them so that they know that anything they dream of is possible.

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