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Missy Elliott drops $1.3K to fulfill a fan’s dream

Missy Elliott (Photo credit: Jim Spellman/WireImage)

Missy Elliott has paid $1,300 to fund the dream wedding dress of one of her fans.

The 49-year-old rapper took to Twitter on Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020, to reveal she had paid for the wedding dress of a woman named Ireanna, after the bride-to-be shared a picture of the gown on the social media site and explained she didn’t think she’d be able to wear it because she has been hit by financial hardship.

Ireanna also posted her CashApp code — where charitable people can send any amount of money to support her — and wrote: “Im getting Married in March &trying to move into our own place. Excited but overwhelmed. I have been saving money; but its still a struggle. I found my dream dress and I want to get it so bad but between saving for the move- i dnt think it will be possible…..

“I never thought Id find a love like this and never thought someone would want to marry me. With all my previous insecurities- i didnt think i was worthy of love. Loving myself made me ready for love. I would be so grateful to have some support: anything would help:”

And after seeing her post, Elliott first sent her congratulations to the woman, before revealing she had covered the cost of her dress.

She wrote in her first tweet: “Early Congratulations. May God Bless you both with an Unbreakable Union and full of Love & Happiness”

Before she then added: “Your Dress is paid for now. I don’t know you but I saw you said the dress of your dreams & figured I would help when I saw you post ya cash app. May Blessings pour on your Beautiful Wedding Day with your Future husband”

Following the ‘Work It’ hitmaker’s kind deed, several of her fans praised her for her actions, with some even revealing more charitable work she has done for others.

One fan wrote: “DO Y’ALL SEE THIS S—?!! Remind you this woman has paid for my dog’s eye surgery. Hearts like this are so rare. You continue to bless so many!”

And Elliott replied: “May God Bless your dog. I been looking for you for a while on Twitter to see how your dog been doing since the surgery I pray all is well with your fur baby”