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How Tiffani Neal of Barlow’s Foods turned her passion into a thriving business

How Tiffani Neal of Barlow's Foods turned her passion into a thriving business
Photo courtesy of Barlow’s Foods

Tiffani Neal, owner and operator of Barlow’s Foods, an Atlanta-based consumer packaged goods company, has a long-standing love for food. It all started when she began cooking at only 8 years old and that passion continues to this day. Inspired by her knack for tasting and pairing ingredients, Barlow’s mixes are made with organic unbleached flour, four whole ingredients and are free of preservatives and artificial flavors.

We recently caught up with Neal to learn more about her successful startup.

What have you learned about yourself since launching Barlow’s?

Since launching the company, I’ve learned that I am obviously insane to take on the consumer packaged goods industry as a solo entrepreneur. … Seriously joking, of course. But really it’s been a ride since the beginning. I’m constantly reminding myself that we have to keep going, as there is no room for emotion in business and that I am capable of getting things done and pushing forward.

I’ve learned to trust my intuition. This may seem like a given but oftentimes we as humans in general may shy away from our instincts when the answers are always, always within. An example of this is deciding to proceed with a pancake mix as our flagship product knowing that the market is crowded. Intuitively it seemed right, then the fallout with some of the legacy brands happened and here we are.

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