‘Thick’ details the misogyny Black women face in publishing

'Thick' details the misogyny Black women face in publishing

In the opening to her groundbreaking essay collection, Thick: And Other EssaysTressie McMillan Cottom writes, “I was pregnant at thirty. Divorced at thirty-one. Lost at thirty-two.” McMillan Cottom’s Thick chronicles the challenges Black women face in trying to make a space for themselves in the world and how quickly one can become lost in that effort. McMillan Cottom uses the word “thick” to discuss the physical objectification that the patriarchy inflicts on Black women.

The word also describes the ways in which Black women have to squeeze their way through social corridors to achieve success. More specifically, McMillan Cottom’s book details her own journey in trying to navigate the world of writing and publishing. The essays hook readers with a complicated narrative on literary success as a Black woman.

With humor, dignity, and grace Thick: And Other Essays follows McMillan Cottom in her journey to discovering how she, as a Black woman, scholar and writer fits into society. You can purchase Thick: And Other Essays and other books authored by Black women on Blackbookstore.com.

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