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Trainer William ‘King’ Hollis offers spring fitness tips

Trainer William 'King' Hollis offers spring fitness tips
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Fitness trainer, motivational speaker, author and influencer William “King” Hollis has racked up 500 million total views on YouTube and has shared his fitness expertise on numerous platforms around the world. He has spoken on the subject to NFL football teams, high school sports teams, colleges, universities, churches, and youth conferences.

A native of Pontiac, Michigan, Hollis overcame a childhood filled with the horrors of drugs and violence to become one of the top 25 defensive linemen in the nation and an elite NFL prospect. 

He discovered his uncanny ability to connect with the pain, the disappointment, the desire, and the hunger of his listeners and energize the discouraged. Rolling out sat down with the youthful fitness guru to discuss getting in shape for summer 2021.  

I know that a lot of your clients are coming out of the pandemic feeling discouraged, what is the best way to get into top shape for summer 2021? 

Train and eat meals with lots of fresh garlic.

What are the best foods to eat and what foods should we avoid to get ready for spring?

Good foods are garlic, black seed oil, and navy beans. Make sure to avoid pork, white salt, white potatoes, and white sugar.

What is the best workout routine that will ease us back into optimal health?

Healthy breathing exercises and powerful affirmations [will help] get you ready. I host an affirmations room on Clubhouse with my lovely wife. Check us out in the mornings and follow us @kinghollis on Clubhouse. 

In recovering from COVID, is there anything special we should do?

Yes, spend time in the sun. Soak up your fruits and veggies with cold-pressed juices. In Atlanta we have Arden’s Garden, it’s a local favorite. My hairstylist, @QLovesYou gave me all the steps to keep myself healthy after getting sick this year. 

What products are your summer musts for health and fitness? 

Black seed oil definitely. I am not big on supplements, everything you need can be found in your diet.

What should we avoid doing when getting ready for summer fitness? 

Avoid doubting yourself. You can get your health and fitness on track this year. Life and death is in the tongue and you can speak what you want in life. If you need to stay uplifted during your journey search William Hollis on YouTube. Use affirmations to affirm what you want in life and keep going. Do not forget to download my motivational album, The Darkest Hour. 

Do waist trainers really work?

Waist trainers work for women who recently had babies via C-section or women who are looking to support their midsection as they get healthy. Yes, it works. However, they should be used under the guidance of a personal trainer if you desire to train your waist.

Are you a proponent of weight loss teas?

I believe that tea is just good for you, especially when you drink it hot. I encourage everyone reading this to drink more hot liquids during your day.

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