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Ask a Doctor » Dr. Kiarra King says Black children should be raised to be fearless

Dr. Kiarra King says Black children should be raised to be fearless

Dr. Kiarra King (Photo provided)

Kiarra King is a Chicago-based physician specializing in obstetrics and gynecology who provides continuous care for women of all ages, but she has demonstrated an extraordinary passion for working with teen moms. King, revered for her remarkable bedside manner, is also a much sought-after speaker, content creator, social media influencer and model.

King regularly appears on local and national television shows and is frequently featured in health industry and fashion-lifestyle publications. The women’s health advocate has traveled extensively to address critical women’s issues such as breast cancer, cervical cancer and postpartum depression. King spoke with rolling out recently about women’s health and health care during the deadly pandemic.

What message do you have for women at this time who are just trying to make it through this pandemic?

Give yourself some grace because we are all dealing with a really unprecedented situation.

Where did you get your sense of fearlessness?

There weren’t limits put on us in terms of our parents telling us you have to be this, or you have to be this, or you can’t be this. It was just basically like, you know, grow up, do your housework, do your chores, get good grades and go forth and be great. … Our parents tried to expose us to a lot.

What are three things women should do when they visit their doctor?

You have a voice. Use your voice. The second thing I would say is … that it’s okay to ask questions. Also, it is okay to get a second opinion.

How do you raise fearless children?

So, we have to be very conscious of fostering healthy ideas around what our children present to us. [When] my daughter says certain things. I always try and frame it from a perspective of “Okay, that’s what you want to do. Well, how do we do this?” or “What do you need to do this,?” [That way] she can truly understand and then she can come into her own about if it’s something that she really wants to do.