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Business » LaTrice Rogers is changing the game for the hair industry

LaTrice Rogers is changing the game for the hair industry

LaTrice Rogers (Photo courtesy of Goddess Lengths)

LaTrice Rogers is a real-life example of what is possible when you choose to pursue your dreams. Since she was a young girl, Rogers has been fascinated with hair care. So she took her dream and made it her reality. After researching and gathering her dream team, the hair heroine headed to Target’s parking lot, and that is where Goddess Lengths was born.

How did you determine your career path?

I saved up a little money; I bought my first batch of hair and started giving it to ambassadors to promot… I’m an introvert and I felt like people wouldn’t take me seriously with my business. I’m following my heart and my heart led me not to be a doctor, not to be a nurse, but to do what I’m doing now. Target was my meet-up point and I would have this line wrapped around the car with so many people coming to the window. I got my first storefront and it was a snowball effect after that. I grew into a larger store, so I’m just thankful.

What is your day-to-day routine like at work?

Just trying to keep everything in line. It’s easy to get up and sell hair as a hobby, but to actually make it into a successful business, it takes so much more. There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes; you have to develop a team. If your team is not great, then you can’t be great.

Describe how you set goals and evaluate your success.

Just being consistent every day. I’m writing down these goals that I need to set every day. Like how Office Depot gave me quotas to meet every day, I’m giving these to [the team], and they have to meet them. Being consistent and sticking to what it is that you want is not hard to do, but it is key.

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