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Reality TV dating shows may be a bad idea for passive bachelors

Reality TV dating shows may be a bad idea for passive bachelors
Ready to Love’s Khaleel Lott (Photo Courtesy of OWN/Fred Agho)

Black America’s favorite dating show, Ready to Love, has made some internal changes for its fourth season. In addition to adding Tommy Miles’ wife to the mix as an advocate for the ladies, the premiere mixer for the show included 10 women and 10 men. However, two men were immediately eliminated that night instead of one man and one woman.

Neither Christian Pope a 36-year-old mailman and Khaleel Lott, a 41-year old, were surprised to be sent home before the proverbial games could begin. Lott was a guest on rolling out’s “Reality Check” and was honest about his shortcomings. He was transparent about why he may not make the best contestant on a reality dating game show.

Do you think that not being aggressive on that first night hurt you?

Definitely. That’s something you need to come with in that type of speed dating environment and I didn’t. Usually, the guys that are more aggressive and have lines prepared, do better. That’s not me.

Aside from not being very aggressive, you shared with a couple of the women that you were single because you always pick mean girls. Do you see how that could be interpreted as not taking accountability for your own dating issues?

YES! I see that. I didn’t mean it the way it came out and trust me I’ll never use the phrase “mean girls” again. I know that I’m attracted to strong women, but some of my past relationships have been with women that used that strength in a negative way. I was just saying I didn’t want to run into that again.

Who were your top three picks of the ladies you met at the mixer?

I thought Liz was very beautiful and down to earth.  I thought Kyra was pretty and Ida is a very pretty young lady as well.

On other seasons we’ve seen people connect after the show. Would you be willing to connect with any of the women from season four afterwards?

I’m open. I went on the show with no expectations because I didn’t want to be disappointed regardless of the outcome. I’m still open to however love finds me.

Ready to Love airs Fridays at 9 PM EST on OWN.

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