Music producer and ‘Ready to Love’ bachelor AJ releases EP ‘just for women’

Thirty-eight-year-old music producer AJ joined the current season of “Ready to Love” because, like many singles, he realized his dating patterns weren’t moving him closer to his goal of marriage and family. The creative Scorpio says he has enjoyed a full life with many different career paths and successes, so marriage and a family were […]

‘Ready to Love’ star Alexis Fly shares lessons learned during the show

TV producer Alexis “Fly” Jones was one of the most talked about bachelorettes on the forth season of “Ready to Love.”  Jones’ outspoken attitude and self-assured swag made her a favorite for some and an object of controversy for others, but regardless of the love or hate she kept viewers talking. Her spunky personality kept […]

Tommy Miles using dating platform to support manhood and accountability

Tommy Miles, aka Nephew Tommy, is preparing to wrap the fourth season of his highly rated Black dating show, “Ready to Love.” While the show provides Black singles with a second — or, in some cases, a third or fourth — chance at love, Miles takes the opportunity to define and champion manhood with the […]

‘Ready to Love’ bachelorettes say passion trumps paychecks in a relationship

Ida, 36,  and Andrea, 38, were the first ladies sent packing on the April 16 episode of “Ready to Love.” Two men were sent home after the first episode, and host Tommy Miles followed up with two ladies immediately after. Friends and sorority sisters Andrea and Ida may have been surprised that they were sent […]

Reality TV dating shows may be a bad idea for passive bachelors

Black America’s favorite dating show, Ready to Love, has made some internal changes for its fourth season. In addition to adding Tommy Miles’ wife to the mix as an advocate for the ladies, the premiere mixer for the show included 10 women and 10 men. However, two men were immediately eliminated that night instead of […]

Nephew Tommy is back with ‘Ready to Love’ season 4

The flames are still simmering from the explosive third season but, Tommy Miles, aka Nephew Tommy, Will Packer and a group of eligible singles are returning for another shot at love for the fourth season of “Ready to Love.” While season three experienced numerous hiccups, including a hidden baby bump and several singles still pining […]

‘Ready to Love’ recap: Loss often puts love in perspective

Ready to Love cast member Joy (Photo provided by OWN)

A testament to true love is its ability to sustain us in tumultuous times. We love to celebrate perfectly edited pics on social media but when a significant other sticks by our side through grief and tragedy is often the best gauge for long-lasting love. It’s also one of the staple benefits of journeying through […]

Alisha Mitchell admits hiding pregnancy while filming ‘Ready to Love’

The twists and turns on OWN’s dating reality series, “Ready to Love,” hit an all-time high when Alisha Mitchell stopped by rolling out‘s Reality Check to give her side of the story after being “ghosted” by the guy she was crushing on during the show. Instead of that being the tea she spilled, Mitchell sent […]

‘Ready to Love’ recap: Vulnerability is the key to successful dating

OWN’s hit dating reality series, “Ready to Love,” continues to give audiences a real time reflection of their dating experiences. The latest episode challenged the cast to be more vulnerable in hopes of ruling out potential matches completely or seeing if there is an opportunity to move forward. The singles were also encouraged to be […]

‘Ready to Love’ recap: Are you in a threesome with new bae and your ex?

Releasing the past is the only way to truly embrace the possibility of new love. OWN’s hit dating reality series, “Ready to Love” has become a cult favorite because it showcases today’s dating issues in real time.  Author and relationship coach Michelle Hannah believes many singles haven’t dealt with their last relationship before starting a […]

Nephew Tommy gives advice to singles looking for a second chance at love

OWN’s hit dating series, “Ready to Love,” returns for its third season on Oct. 23, 2020, and audiences couldn’t be more ready. This season, the dating pool has shifted from Atlanta, GA to Houston, TX, with the hopes of finding three couples out of twenty single Black professionals. Host Nephew Tommy, born Thomas Miles, believes […]

Dating show alum finds her forever love and perfect dress

Courtney Larisa was cast in the first season of the OWN network’s hit dating series, “Ready to Love.” Larisa joined 12 other single women looking for love with eight eligible Atlanta-based bachelors. Larisa had a brief romance with one of the bachelors on the show but after learning he was manipulating the playing field she […]

Mario Tolliver of ‘Ready to Love’ says he didn’t creep on his boo

The second season of “Ready to Love” quite possibly became the messiest dating reality show ever. The show started with ten men and ten women but as art imitates life, Mario ended up juggling two women until one self-eliminated herself. After choosing Tondy Gallant during the season, Tolliver created an upset when he returned to the […]

Tondy Gallant provides proof of 3-year friendship with Reva Stout

The second season of OWN’s hit reality show “Ready to Love” is still a trending topic on Black Twitter and YouTube due in large part to the reunion drama between Tondy Gallant, Mario Tolliver and Reva Stout. During the season, both Gallant and Stout were interested in Mario Tolliver, but the two women had a […]

Brent Nahshon explains his relationship on ‘Ready to Love’

Brent Nahshon was one of the remaining bachelors on OWN’s Atlanta-based reality show “Ready to Love.” Although he was a favorite with the ladies watching the show, he didn’t appear to be a priority with his favorite girl, Alexis. After the season ended, Nahshon and Alexis appeared to be in a good place even though […]

Former ‘Ready to Love’ cast member Jimmy Jones gives women online dating advice

OWN’s hit reality series “Ready to Love” returned this fall with an entirely new cast of 10 single men and 10 single women looking for the ultimate connection. Public opinion has suggested the show’s dynamic is true to the dating landscape in Atlanta as well as other major U.S. cities. However, while the dynamics of […]

Nephew Tommy says single women should stop being aggressive and desperate

Will Packer and Nephew Tommy will introduce a new group of Atlanta singles competing for a chance at true love on the second season of OWN’s hit reality series, “Ready to Love.” Last season’s cast delivered great numbers, but after a dramatic season and somewhat promising reunion show, the series was unable to deliver a […]

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