Gayle King torched for asking Stacey Abrams about her ‘dating situation’

Gayle King torched for asking Stacey Abrams about her 'dating situation'

Gayle King has a peculiar way of asking personal questions that rankles the sensibilities of many audience members.

The marquee host of “CBS This Morning” did it again when she inquired about the dating life of esteemed political savant Stacey Abrams.

King slickly used the fact that Abrams has authored eight romance novels, promoting her legal thriller and juggling other major commitments to ask her how she finds time for dating.

“The struggle is real, it’s hard out here for a pimp,” King said before asking Abrams: “So what are you thinking about when it comes to dating in your life, you got a lot of stuff going on?”

Abrams, who is as quick as she is smart, responded in the same hearbeat: “Well I have not focused on it that much this month, we’ve been trying to work on democracy and preserving access for Americans and fighting to make sure recovery is real.”

Abrams then added that “if the guy realizes I’m out here and wants to drop me a note, I’m looking forward to meeting him.”

Twitter immediately rebuked King for what they believe was an invasive question.

“A totally offensive question that she would never ask a man. We are lucky to have women like Stacey Abrams; Gayle King should be ashamed she asked such a question,” one tweeter said.

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