Gayle King bans unvaccinated relatives from Thanksgiving vacation

Gayle King plans to “ban” unvaccinated relatives from her Thanksgiving celebrations. The 66-year-old presenter addressed the “problem” of people not taking up coronavirus vaccinations so she’s decided to take drastic action with her own family in the hope it will make them change their minds. Speaking to Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden’s chief medical […]

Gayle King torched for asking Stacey Abrams about her ‘dating situation’

Gayle King has a peculiar way of asking personal questions that rankles the sensibilities of many audience members. The marquee host of “CBS This Morning” did it again when she inquired about the dating life of esteemed political savant Stacey Abrams. King slickly used the fact that Abrams has authored eight romance novels, promoting her […]

Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend explains her death to Gayle King (video)

Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend explains to Gayle King that he is “a million-percent sure” that the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department did not identify themselves before they busted through the door and fatally shot Taylor on March 13. The exclusive interview is set to air on “CBS This Morning” on Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2020. Walker breaks down […]

Gayle King tears up and says it’s ‘open season on Black men’ (video)

The normally stoic Gayle King surprised the “CBS This Morning” audience when she became emotional discussing the recent rash of rancidly racist incidents perpetrated against Black men. King’s voice began to crack under the sheer weight of discussing two viral videos on Tuesday, May 26, showing racially-charged acts against African American men, one which resulted […]

Some people want Vanessa Bryant to sue Gayle King

Some folks are still seething at Gayle King’s interview with WNBA champion Lisa Leslie and want the lead host of “CBS This Morning” to suffer legal consequences. Some have suggested that Vanessa Bryant sue King for the insensitive interview that took place while Kobe Bryant’s widow was — and is — still grieving. King was […]

Snoop Dogg claims he didn’t threaten Gayle King (video)

In the ongoing saga between rap icon Snoop Dogg and award-winning journalist Gayle King, the Doggfather claims that he did not issue a threat to harm the “CBS This Morning” host. The rapper born Calvin Broadus Jr., 48, told his 40 million Instagram followers that he doesn’t want any harm to come to Oprah Winfrey’s […]

Snoop Dogg explains why he went off on Gayle King regarding Kobe Bryant (video)

Rapper Snoop Dogg went on the radio to rationalize why he went off on a profanity-laced and misogynistic tirade against TV anchor Gayle King after her notorious Lisa Leslie interview. Black Americans flipped their wigs when they saw a clip of King, the franchise star of “CBS This Morning,” repeatedly asking Leslie about Kobe Bryant’s […]

3 women accusing Russell Simmons of rape share their stories (video)

Three of the women accusing Russell Simmons of sexual assault shared their jarring stories just a week before the much talked about documentary featuring them debuts at the renowned Sundance Film Festival near Salt Lake City. In an interview with CBS This Morning, Drew Dixon, Sil Lai Abrams and Alexia Norton Jones shared their stories in […]

Gayle King turns down Wendy Williams’ request for exclusive interview

You would think that morning news superstar Gayle King would lunge at the chance for an exclusive prime-time interview with Wendy Williams and learn about her “car crash” of a personal life. After all, King landed that coveted blockbuster interview with accused pedophile R. Kelly that helped secure her position as one of Time magazine’s […]

Gayle King negotiates enormous salary increase with ‘CBS This Morning’

Fresh off of her ratings-busting interview with accused sex abuser R. Kelly, Gayle King scored a tremendous increase in her salary with CBS News, the media has learned. King, the famous longtime best friend of Oprah Winfrey, will now make a whopping $11M annual salary to remain the co-host of “CBS This Morning,” the New […]

R. Kelly’s former hairstylist opens up about her past with the singer

The former hairdresser for R.Kelly has spoken out about him. Lanita Carter has decided to waive her anonymity because she is no longer “ashamed” of what she claims happened between her and the “I Believe I Can Fly” hitmaker, who is facing 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Carter is claiming that she was allegedly […]

Parents sold their children to R. Kelly, singer says

Like a man desperately flailing about while stuck in quicksand, R. Kelly seems to be sinking further with every strained syllable uttered in his defense against a score of sex abuse charges and investigations. Case in point is when he blamed the parents of the alleged victims for “selling” their daughters to the “I Believe […]

Nelson Mandela Turns 94 Today (Video)

At 94, former South African President Nelson Mandela continues to inspire the entire world. People all over the world are celebrating Mandela’s 94th birthday, Wednesday, July 18, by donating 67 minutes of their time to help others, which is symbolic of the 67 years the legendary leader spent fighting injustice. Although he has mostly retired […]