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Uber really did make April Wiggins’ financial dreams come true

Uber really did make April Wiggins' financial dreams come true
April Wiggins (Photo credit: Munson Steed via Zoom)

The rise of ridesharing has created financial independence for a multitude of people whose lives did not fit into a traditional 9-to-5. For the young and single, it provides a way to make money and simultaneously live an active lifestyle, while mothers and fathers see the platform as an opportunity to plan out their schedules around family-related events and responsibilities.

Uber driver April Wiggins is among the latter. She was frustrated and ready for a change that Uber was more than willing to provide.

“What was important to me was being available for my children when they needed me,” Wiggins says. “So that’s what made me sign up for rideshare in the first place. It’s easy because you can make your own schedule and I took advantage of that [by going out] early in the morning [at] 4 a.m. I can come back, get my kids ready for school. Let them go. Then I’m done by [noon], 1 o’clock. [I’m] done for the day. And when my kids get home, I’m right there. The food’s ready and everything’s in place… and I’m doing it for me, not for someone else.”

Waking up at 4 a.m. is no easy task, but Wiggins says it is necessary for her to maintain her lifestyle and “über” tight schedule. The hours are not traditional but designed and aligned with her needs and those of her family. “We’re asleep by 9 p.m.,” she says. “Sometimes I’m asleep before they are because I get up so early. As long as everything is laid out … I mean, it just works for me. Peak is high in the morning. We have people coming in from the airport, [and others who] need to go to the airport. The need is very, very high at 4 a.m. and if you’re asleep early, you’re gonna wake [up] early. And that’s just basic physics.”

It is indeed true that the early bird gets the worm and the flexibility of Uber allows Wiggins the time to nurture her children, while making time for herself throughout the day. The best thing about it, she says, is that if her schedule opens up and allows for more hours on the clock, she has every opportunity to rake in more cash.

“When I started, there was definitely a need,” she says. “Because I walked away from the position I was in. I couldn’t go to an event — my children’s school event [and] it was very important to me. So I think that was really the big thing because I wanted to be there. My kids run track. They play football. I just really wanted to be there for everything.”

Thanks to Uber, that desire is now a reality.

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