Lyft and Uber will cover legal fees for Texas drivers sued under abortion law

Rideshare companies Lyft and Uber have announced that they will pay the legal fees for any drivers who are sued while transporting women to and from abortion clinics under Texas’ new abortion laws. Under Texas’ new law named the “heartbeat bill” that went into effect Tuesday, Aug. 31, abortion is restricted once a fetal heartbeat […]

Learn how Uber is the perfect fit for busy moms like April Wiggins

April Wiggins knows what it’s like to have a 9-5 and realized a long time ago it was not for her. A single mother of two, Wiggins found her happy place as an independent contractor with Uber. As a preferred driver with a stellar rating, Wiggins manages her day and household before most people finish […]

Uber really did make April Wiggins’ financial dreams come true

The rise of ridesharing has created financial independence for a multitude of people whose lives did not fit into a traditional 9-to-5. For the young and single, it provides a way to make money and simultaneously live an active lifestyle, while mothers and fathers see the platform as an opportunity to plan out their schedules […]

White CEO dismissed after allegedly calling Black Uber driver N-word

A White CEO was dismissed due to his racist language against a Black Uber driver. On Feb. 5, AgroPlasma, an organic fertilizer company, decided to cut ties with its founder and CEO, Hans Berglund, according to ABC 15. On Jan. 31, Berglund got into an Uber driven by Randy Clarke in Tempe, Arizona. Before the […]

Uber and Hyundai teaming up to develop flying taxis

Hyundai is teaming up with Uber to launch their air taxi service. The ride-sharing service revealed its first prototype flying taxi, which is expected to launch in 2023 and will be able to take commuters to their destination at speeds of up to 150mph. The motoring giant unveiled its prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show […]

Gabrielle Union’s Uber driver did the unthinkable after New Year’s ride

Gabrielle Union was shocked when her Uber driver did the unthinkable after dropping her off at her home. The 47-year-old actress decided to use the ride-sharing app in an attempt to be “responsible” on New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31, 2019, but she has since revealed to her social media followers that the journey took an […]

Uber says thousands have been sexually assaulted, 9 murdered during rides

Sexual assault continues to be a significant problem at Uber. According to The New York Times, Uber received 5,981 reports of sexual abuse between 2017 and 2018. In an 84-page report, the company revealed that there were 235 reports of rape; 280 reports of attempted rape; 1,560 reports of groping; 376 reports of unwanted kissing […]

Uber to start audio recording for safety

Uber will reportedly start audio recording during rides in the United States. As part of the company’s ongoing safety push, the new feature will allow users to opt in for trips — along with a warning that journeys can be recorded. According to The Washington Post, neither the riders nor the drivers will be able […]

Rapper Desiigner says he spends $20K a month on Uber

Desiigner made a name for himself in hip-hop a few years back by channeling Future with his hit “Panda.” Apparently, Desiigner continues to profit from his 2016 debut album, New English. While on Instagram, Desiigner revealed that he splurges on Uber rides. “Big boss, first class. Don’t play, man,” Desiigner shared with his followers. “My […]

Dave Bautista and Kumail Nanjiani are the buddy cop duo we wanted

Stuber Stars Dave Bautista

Stuber stars Dave Bautista and Kumail Nanjiani are the buddy cop duo we didn’t know we needed until now. The hijinks start immediately when socially inept Uber driver, Stu (Nanjiani) picks up a brutish detective (Bautista) and becomes involved in a criminal investigation. With their fates entwined as the day progresses, Stu and Detective Vic […]

Dad tracks daughter on phone app to find Uber driver allegedly raping her

The Uber rideshare service is back in the news after an alleged rape by a driver. The incident happened in Baltimore, Maryland and the circumstances are shocking. A father was concerned after his daughter did not arrive home at the expected time after calling for an Uber ride, and used a phone app to track […]

Uber apologizes for N-word appearing on its Twitter page

Uber was in hot water on Monday after a racist tweet was posted on behalf of the company and hit the web. The transportation service’s Twitter support account created controversy after an unknown worker replied to a customer complaint about a bad driver experience. The support account followed up with the customer by sincerely apologizing for […]

Uber driver arrested for robbing homes of passengers he dropped off

The popular rideshare service, Uber, has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. Numerous victims have come forward with claims that they have been sexually assaulted or suffered some other mishap from their Uber drivers. Now comes word of one driver who is accused of dropping off customers at the airport, and […]

Idiot alert: Man arrested after calling Uber because he left his bag in ride

Many people have left an important item in an Uber ride by mistake. In the vast majority of circumstances, it’s a simple mistake. But for Malik Mollett, 21, leaving his bag behind and claiming it later was idiotic because of its contents. On Dec. 29, 2018, Mollett took an Uber in Irwin, Pennsylvania, and left […]

Watch the reason why this racist Uber driver lost his job (video)

Millions of people use the ridesharing service Uber, and there are just as many tales about the drivers. However, one ride with an Uber driver, identified only as Timothy, has resulted in a viral video and him losing his job. Nicole Allen, of Rock Island, Illinois, uploaded a video of the driver calling her racist and demeaning […]

Married woman and side piece catch Uber, but the driver was her husband

You can say that karma caught up with a married woman who was caught cheating by her husband — and in a way that shocked them both. Or you can just chalk this up to the confluence of strange circumstances that could never possibly repeat themselves. A married woman was trying to take her secret boyfriend […]

General manager Adrian Githuku on launching Uber Eats Atlanta

The convenience of having a ride-sharing app got even better when Uber introduced the option to have this same service deliver food to wherever you are. Rolling sat down with General Manager of Uber Eats Atlanta Adrian Githuku to hear his take on the growing company.

Details about Denver Uber driver facing 1st degree murder for killing passenger

Michael Hancock, 48, is currently serving as the 45th and current mayor of Denver, Colorado and has been since July 18, 2011. It’s a huge coincidence that a different Michael Hancock, 29, is making national headlines for murder in the city — the suspect is not related to the mayor, his office confirms. A Denver Uber […]

NFL player made famous by movie ‘The Blind Side’ assaults Uber driver

The story of Carolina Panthers offensive tackle Michael Oher was made famous in the 2009 film The Blind Side. Now Oher is due in court for a blindside assault on an Uber driver this week. On April 14, 2017, Oher and four friends were picked up for a ride to downtown Nashville, Tennessee. According to the […]