Learn how Uber is the perfect fit for busy moms like April Wiggins

Learn how Uber is the perfect fit for busy moms like April Wiggins
April Wiggins (Photo provided)

April Wiggins knows what it’s like to have a 9-5 and realized a long time ago it was not for her. A single mother of two, Wiggins found her happy place as an independent contractor with Uber. As a preferred driver with a stellar rating, Wiggins manages her day and household before most people finish lunch.

A supermom to say the least, Wiggins took some time to speak with rolling out about her day-to-day and how Uber offered her a can’t-miss opportunity during an exclusive interview.

When did you decide to be an Uber driver?

I’m a single mother, my oldest is 15 and my youngest is 13. I knew I didn’t have time to be sitting or punching the clock. In my previous position, I was not able to have a cellphone on the floor, so I could not really be in touch with my kids. I felt like my kids were more important than meeting someone else’s quota. I decided from that point to sign up for rideshares.

How important is it for new moms to develop an established schedule?

For me, my mother passed away in 2005 and she was the motor to the family. She helped me make sure I had all [my] wants and needs, so I’ve always had an early-bird-gets-the-worm mentality. The need for drivers is at those high peak times like 4 a.m., so you have to know what time your kids need to be at school, then home for dinner. It’s really basic knowledge of how you need to schedule your days.

How would you describe your experience with Uber?

I’ve been with Uber for five years. When I started there was a huge need, and I was just walking away from my last job.

How does working with Uber help you be there for your kids?

It helps me be there for their sports [and] an active parent with their schooling, helping them study, learning my children more and being in their corner.

What have you learned from being an entrepreneur who does rideshares with Uber?

I’ve learned to be able to work for myself and my family.

What has been one of the most exciting rides you have provided in your five years?

Everyone is eventful, from the first one to the last one of the day. Being able to help and have someone depend on you feels good and also just making sure your riders are safe is what it’s all about.

For moms who are looking to sign up, how would you describe Uber right now during the summer?

Be patient. The need for drivers is there, but you have to be patient. Get a schedule together first and figure out what will work for you. You have to have some type of discipline, especially if you have kids.

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