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News2 » Dad tracks daughter on phone app to find Uber driver allegedly raping her

Dad tracks daughter on phone app to find Uber driver allegedly raping her

Uber. Photo: Twitter/@uber

The Uber rideshare service is back in the news after an alleged rape by a driver. The incident happened in Baltimore, Maryland and the circumstances are shocking.

A father was concerned after his daughter did not arrive home at the expected time after calling for an Uber ride, and used a phone app to track her location. When he got to the area he saw a car pulled over to the side of the ride and approached the vehicle. That is when he discovered his 25-year-old daughter in the back seat, allegedly being raped by the driver.

The shocked father confronted the driver, and words were exchanged. The driver threw his victim’s purse the father, who pulled his daughter from the car. The Uber driver then jumped in the front seat and sped away from the scene.

According to CBS News, Baltimore, police are treating the incident as rape. Baltimore police spokesperson, Corporal Shawn Vinson stated during a press conference: “This is a very serious allegation. It’s a very serious incident. This is an on-going investigation. Uber has worked closely with our detectives in this matter. We will release more information as the investigation progresses, but it is vital at this time to withhold specific details to allow our detectives to continue their investigation.”

Uber responded to the alleged assault with the following statement:

“What’s been reported is appalling beyond words. We removed the driver from the app as soon as this was reported to us. We will work with the police on their investigation.”

According to CNN, in 2018 at least 103 Uber drivers have been accused of rape or some form of sexual assault. This has caused the rideshare service to institute better safeguards, including criminal background checks on its drivers to address the situation.

At this time no charges have been filed in the case, nor has the name of the suspect been released.