Azealia Banks checks Candace Owens over her Juneteenth comments

“You will be watched closely by her irate, sunburned and whisky-soaked 80-year-old uncle to be sure you do not sneak a single biscuit or fingerful of roux to yourself. After you’ve watched everyone eat, you will be sent to do the cleaning up. Your last task will be brushing the stressed and balding white widow’s hair to prepare for her sleeping bonnet, a deep rest in her comfortable canopy bed. Next, your final descent down the stairs and out the back door where you proudly sleep on a bedbug-infested pile of hay in a 6×4 cabin you share with 4 other slaves. Happy Independence Day @realcandaceowens,” added the “Luxury” rapper.

Banks also questioned Owens being a Black conservative and why she only bashed Black people.

“You’re really picking on old Black people [for] weird, white internet users, for their entertainment. Is that what it means to be a Black conservative? That’s not what it means to be a Black conservative, that you just poke fun at Black people. B—-, that’s not it,” Banks further commented.

Owens has yet to respond to Banks’ scathing comments.

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