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CEO Hanni Berger offers insight on how to become the best you

CEO Hanni Berger
Photo courtesy of Hanni Berger

Hanni Berger, CEO of JOYVIAL, joined rolling out’s CEO Munson Steed to share details regarding her journey in business as well as in the Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative. Combining science-backed data with her own experience, Berger strives to guide her clients in finding their healthiest and happiest selves. 

How did you become a CEO? What motivated you to make that first step?

The reason I started is because of my personal journey. Having both witnessed extreme depression and addiction to food, but also the other end [of the extreme] where I tried to be perfect in every single way, I realized at the core of all of our well-being is balance and stress management. In this discovery I became a health coach myself, and realized health coaches are tremendously powerful, but I could only support so many clients. That is why I got the idea to start JOYVIAL, a network of coaches. 

Describe the journey for you and like-minded women in your circle.

I am part of the city of Atlanta’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative, a cohort of 15 women selected every year to come together to go through an educational program and be exposed to opportunities, but also to support and learn from each other. We were trained on all sorts of topics, but really [it was] a wonderful experience just to learn from the women and support each other.

Would you share your elevator pitch?

JOYVIAL is a network of professional health coaches. We work most often with busy executives to help them live their healthiest and most joyful lives. We are a one-stop shop for clients to find a vetted health coach who creates for them a unique coaching experience based on the client’s unique needs. 

What is the problem your business is solving? 

Our clients are really good in their careers, but they are so overwhelmed in other areas. You create your vision and decide where you want to get started. We take steps to become very proactive so you are living your life accordingly and not reacting to your life. 

What is the first thing you would tell a person interested in beginning this journey with you? 

It starts with a vision. It gives you a clear direction of where you want to head, and it takes what you believe are your goals and translates them into something that inspires you. 

What would you say the vision should be for CEOs? How do they visualize success in advance of it?

Explore all areas of your life to see what that vision looks like. If you are considering moving towards your vision, pick one area and define what would great look like in that area in three months, six months, and then figure out what is your first step.

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