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Bridget N. Tharpe tells how to begin life again in ‘The Bench’

Bridget N. Tharpe tells how to begin life again in 'The Bench'
Bridget N. Tharpe, Author of ‘The Bench: When Life Begins Again’ [Photo courtesy of Taylor C. Reeves Media Productions]
The journey of life never goes as we plan. Author Bridget N. Tharpe knows firsthand how life’s journey can be altered. She was impacted by life-threatening complications of autoimmune diseases. To make matters worse, she had to learn to juggle the demands of survival after divorce and single parenting, all while fighting mental and physical attacks that tried to claim her life.

From the trials of life comes testimonies of victory. In Tharpe’s latest book, The Bench: When Life Begins Again, she shares her battle to regain health and wholeness.

Bridget N. Tharpe tells how to begin life again in 'The Bench'

How would define your personal brand?
Known by many as “OneStrongBridge,” resilience, courage, strength, and hope are the pillars that support my being.

What inspired you to write The Bench: When Life Begins Again?
Inspiration for the book came after experiencing a health crisis that challenged my Christian faith and any hope of living a productive life. I realized there are others in similar situations who struggle physically, mentally, and socially as a result. I wanted to encourage readers to persevere and live abundantly.

What is the story behind the title?
Difficulties in our health may cause us to pause and take a break in life. The title encourages readers to get up and not remain stagnated by their circumstances. Get up and experience the beauty of life.

Was it a deliberate decision to write this book?
The decision to write the book came after giving a presentation on the subject.

What should readers and audiences expect from the book?
Readers and their loved ones should expect to be enlightened to the coping mechanisms that those surviving invisible illnesses face and how to respond to those individuals. Readers can learn how to live abundantly while waiting on the manifestation of their healing.

What did you like best about writing The Bench: When Life Begins Again?
I enjoyed being able to share the story of my journey to gain mental and physical restoration in my body and encouraging others through the words of each page by letting them know that they are fearfully and wonderfully made.

What did you like least about writing this book?
Wondering if the book would be accepted or if I would be viewed differently was the part of the writing process that concerned me most.

What advice can you offer to others who desire to be an author?
To every aspiring author, I suggest the following: Write your thoughts. Allow your thoughts to flow. Don’t rush the process. Enjoy every moment. Network with other authors. Never compare yourself to others. Your story belongs to you and the ones you are to inspire will be reached.

What’s next for you?
I envision writing additional books to shed light and bring hope to all who read them.

FB: @bridgetntharpeauthor
IG: author.bridgetntharpe

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