Ashton Keys, CEO of Athlytic, wins Rebrand Black’s business pitch competition

Ashton Keys, CEO of Athlytic, wins Rebrand Black's business pitch competition
Photo courtesy of Ashton Keys

According to Cadillac, “Audacity is the mark of a true revolution, unceremoniously changing industries, communities, culture, and the world.” The luxury automaker sponsored the Rebrand Black initiative that Athlytic’s CEO and co-founder Ashton Keys recently won. Keys joined rolling out to discuss his experience and how his company helps athletes.

You were a part of a cohort, the Rebrand Black initiative. Tell us what that is and tell us about your business.

The Rebrand Black initiative sponsored by Cadillac was an accelerator program in Detroit for small businesses within the community. Their mantra and mindset was to provide small businesses with the resources to grow and scale beyond where they were. For me personally, and other companies, historically Black businesses are the least funded. But also, it’s more than just capital that businesses need to really be successful in this industry, specifically with the effects of COVID. For [me] and my other founders within the Rebrand program, not only did we get capital, [and] resources on branding, [and] resources on how to pitch our companies, [we also received] resources on marketing, and [we received] mentorship from other successful people [in] their respective fields. It was very successful and I’m super appreciative for Rebrand but also Cadillac for sponsoring this and allowing us to have these amazing opportunities.

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