Sprite creative director A.P. Chaney collaborates with UNWRP’s millennial Black female CEO to launch holiday flavors

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This whole idea of a holiday soda option is that it’s also smart and conscious. Companies like Coca Cola understand that you can get your Sprite, have a nice special holiday treat, and it can have zero sugar. Tell us about the zero sugar option.

One hundred percent. And we’re excited to launch this zero sugar option this year. We didn’t have it last year, but we were really listening to our consumers and where the market is. So, we’re super excited to offer more variety and get it into our consumers hands.

Brand collaboration is an important aspect in business. What did teaming up with this young sister mean for you as an executive?

I’m really inspired to work on a brand that works with and, more importantly, supports these young artists and the way they choose to create. It changes how I look at things and brings a new perspective to how I work inside the walls of Coca Cola as a creative director. Ashley is a true professional and has inspired me more than I had imagined. So, it’s an opportunity to see what our consumers are into and also to see what these creators are doing, while really allowing them to be themselves.

When you think about the outcome of this collaboration, what does success look like for you?

In my opinion, it has to benefit the brand and the creator. Otherwise, it’s just inherently inauthentic, and that’s not what Sprite is. For creators, we’re providing a platform for them to reach a new audience in a different way. But more importantly for us, it’s the same, but we also get that added value of having a fresh, new perspective and keeping the brand relevant and aware in what’s happening with our consumers and what their passion points are. That to me is the success of collaboration. It’s a pull and push in terms of our creators and brands.

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