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Fake COVID-19 testing sites are popping up in the US

Fake COVID-19 testing sites are popping up in the US
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We’ve heard about fake COVID-19 vaccination cards, which come as no surprise. All it takes is to fill in a fake date, and you’ve been magically “vaccinated.”

Things are starting to get even more out of hand with reports that fake testing sites are becoming common across the United States. With the surge in cases over the holiday season, unauthorized pop-up testing sites have been scamming people out of their money and private information.

A watchdog agency has looked into imposters at a Florida testing site. Their goal is to steal personal information while handing out swab kits to people in line.

In Texas, two testing sites are being investigated for scamming. According to Dr. Junda Woo, the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District medical director, they aren’t running the tests correctly at the site, and their purpose is to get information such as date of birth and medical insurance.

It’s also important to watch out for people selling fake home testing kits and go somewhere trusted to buy one.

If someone is asking for personal information or asking for you to pay for a test, that should be a sign that something isn’t right. Your best bet is going to your doctor or signing up for a test at your local pharmacy. Test providers should be able to answer your questions about the process and which laboratory you will recover your results from as well.

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