Black NFL coaches are getting the short end of the stick

Black NFL coaches are getting the short end of the stick
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The National Football League has 32 teams, yet only one Black head coach.

In the past week, two Black head coaches were fired. First, it was Brian Flores, who led the Miami Dolphins to two consecutive winning seasons. The Dolphins started the season 1-7 and finished 8-1, but apparently, it was not enough for Flores to keep his job.

David Culley was hired at the beginning of the season by the Houston Texans. After just one season, without their franchise quarterback, Culley was fired.

When it comes to Black coaches in the NFL, it seems like they get the short end of the stick.

First off, the NFL had to create a rule for teams to be required to interview coaches of minorities. In a league where there are mostly Black players, to be Black and being interviewed for a head coaching job seems like a requirement instead of an honor at this point. Then some candidates get interviewed but don’t get a job.

Eric Bieniemy has been the offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs since 2018. He’s led one of the most potent offenses to the Super Bowl for two consecutive seasons. Bieniemy has interviewed for multiple head coaching positions without being hired for any.

Mike Tomlin has coached the Pittsburgh Steelers for 15 seasons and has never had a losing record. If he is the standard that Black coaches have to live up to, then there will be no hope for the future for minorities. If head coaches can’t endure losing seasons through rebuilding franchises, there will be no hope for Black coaches.

In a league that promotes ending racism, the change must start within the league itself.

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