Comerica’s Sheila Harton-Montgomery helping businesses thrive

Comerica's Sheila Harton-Montgomery helping businesses thrive
Photo courtesy of Comerica Bank

Sheila Harton-Montgomery is a trusted relationship manager for Comerica Bank with a $50 million portfolio of existing clients. She works every day to build that portfolio and provide clients with financing. She shares her journey in corporate America as a single mother.

When you started your career, did you think it would be for a bank?
At the time I started with Comerica, I was a divorced, single mother with three children [who] decided to go back to school, and I started out as a support role for a lending group, while I finished school. My goal was to get out of banking completely. But then I had a woman who was my credit officer at the time, she said, “I think that you would do a great job, as a lender [or] relationship manager.” She encouraged me. Comerica Bank has a very unique process where you can become an analyst, and grow through a training program, and I had the opportunity to do that. And so I’ve been in my current role as a relationship manager, or a lender. I work to provide lines of credit, real estate financing, equipment, financing and more.

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