Dr. Burnett stresses the importance of medical research to Black men’s health

Photo courtesy of Dr. Arthur Burnett

Dr. Arthur Burnett received his bachelor’s degree in biology from Princeton University and medical degree and MBA from Johns Hopkins University. At Johns Hopkins Medical School, he is the professor of urology. He specializes in prostate cancer, sexual health, avoiding dysfunction, and an array of other areas in men’s health. He received an American Foundation of Urologic Disease New Investigator Award to continue his research in mechanisms of penile erection. Dr. Burnett is working to find the cause of higher rates of prostate cancer in Black men.

How did you decide to become a physician?

I had a sense that it was my calling to be a physician, and even a surgeon. Believe it or not, in my adolescent years, I had some exposures to physicians and surgeons just through various contacts. I grew up in Washington, D.C., [and] had some exposure to Howard Universit, and our nation’s capital. I was able to do well in school and science so I sensed that I had the aptitude to do it. I really had a sense, frankly, that I wanted to care for others, I wanted to help others. And I felt that that was my calling and I was really inspired to see that physicians and surgeons could do that.

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