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Former USC hurdler Candice Davis Price gives athletes 2 valuable tips

Former USC hurdler Candice Davis Price gives athletes 2 valuable tips
Former hurdler Candice Davis Price. (Photo courtesy of Candice Davis Price)

Now the RICKSTAR financial head of operations, Candice Davis Price has comfortably found her way in life after sports. Price was a 2007 gold medalist at the North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletic Association Championships (NACAC).  From 2004-2007, she hurdled and participated in the 4×100-meter event at the University of Southern California. She also hurdled at the 2016 Olympic trials.

Having the game end can be a difficult reality for any young adult to face, as so many minutes, hours, days and years are dedicated to perfecting a craft that is suddenly no more. At the 2022 HBCU Combine, Price gave rolling out two tips to help them adjust to life after sports.

“First off, I’m ultimately jealous because I wish I had been able to make money while I was in college, but I am so glad they’re getting these opportunities,” she said.

Make sure you’re associating with brands that are authentic to you.

“Don’t get out there putting on eyelashes and being naked, just because you think that dollar’s quick. There’s always going to be a pretty girl. There’s always going to be, excuse my language, a new booty. Make sure you are aligning yourself with authentic brands.”

Take the opportunities you’re interested in while in sports.

“Sports isn’t forever, and it doesn’t have to be forever. Align yourself, again, with opportunities in the real world that you’re interested in. If you want to be a zoologist, if you want to be a financial adviser, start digging into those when you don’t have to, so when you have to, you already have some experience.”

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