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FLOURYSH executive Steve Canal’s brilliant economic collaboration helps Black entrepreneurs and brands

FLOURYSH executive Steve Canal's brilliant economic collaboration helps Black entrepreneurs and brands
Photo courtesy of Steve Canal

Steve Canal is the head of business development at FLOURYSH, working alongside Enitan Bereola. Canal is no stranger to entrepreneurship as a bestselling author and brand architect. Last year, he participated as a judge on Famous Amos’ Ingredients for Success panel to help Black business owners build flourishing businesses with helpful support along the way.

How did FLOURYSH come about?

As head of business development, it’s an opportunity to create a platform that’s going to give back to [the] community first and foremost. As a person of color, one of the things that I felt we definitely needed to ramp up is storytelling. We created a platform to be able to be the premier spot to discover and shop Black-owned brands. But it’s bigger than that, right? Because our mission at the end of the day is to foster the discovering goal growth of Black-owned businesses through technology and live experiences.

One of the stewards and one of the primary outlets is going to be through storytelling. People can find brands, but the most important piece is being able to find one location where you can shop and hear the story of those founders. You hear where they came from, their ups and their downs. So, we wanted to create a platform like FLOURYSH to be out there and be a support system, first and foremost, for Black-owned brands.

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