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Dr. Lynae Brayboy shares why ‘Clue’ is the go-to source for period tracking

Dr. Lynae Brayboy shares why 'Clue' is the go-to source for period tracking
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As a result of working in hospital settings and the health care industry, Dr. Lynae Brayboy has helped Clue evolve into the go-to source for women at every reproductive stage; from puberty to menopause. Specifically, she provides a clinical perspective on how Clue can address the unmet requirements of women and how the tool delivers critical research that assists health care providers.

What is Clue?

Clue is a period tracking application available on your smartphone and we have free period tracking capabilities. We have about 12 million users and customers worldwide in 190 countries. Clue was launched in 2012 by Danish and German entrepreneurs and co-founders Ida Tin and Hans Raffauf. The mission in mind was to empower women to be in control of their health and to be able to focus on self-advocacy by being aware of their overall reproductive health, and to be reproductively literate, which I think is something that is still a challenge in the United States.

Why do women need to track their cycles?

There are many different health benefits. But I think primarily when we start menstruating, which is called menarche, which is around age 12, we don’t know what’s happening. Tracking is really important because it shows you what your typical patterns are and how you potentially bleed. A lot of individuals who have what’s called heavy menstrual bleeding, or abnormal uterine bleeding, don’t know that they have it, and they can become anemic and have multiple health issues because they are anemic. So tracking helps you to know what your standard is and what your normal is.

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