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Arlena Hawthorne’s forte is working in commercial real estate

Arlena Hawthorne's forte is working in commercial real estate
Arlena Hawthorne is the business relationship client manager at Wells Fargo

Arlena Hawthorne is the business relationship client manager for Wells Fargo. She was present at the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit in Las Vegas.

Hawthorne talked with rolling out about her role at Wells Fargo, how she got involved in commercial real estate, and what Black men can do to better protect Black women.

What are some things that you all are focusing on at Wells Fargo to help benefit the Black community?

We’re trying to get exposure to a lot of younger African Americans or people of color in the community by engaging them with panels and conferences that we’re hosting. For instance, I work in commercial real estate and investment management, so we’re really trying to tap into talent to get them involved on Wall Street and to become more involved in commercial real estate.

Who is the person that got you involved in commercial real estate?

My grandfather actually had a construction company. Coming up, I didn’t realize the value of entrepreneurship and having your own business and managing it. I worked there at a younger age, and so here I am now, still in the business, but on the corporate side and learning a lot.

How do you connect people with real estate opportunities?

It’s [by] building relationships, no matter where you are, or who you are, and whatever socio-economic realm that you’re representing. It’s passing along that knowledge.

How can Black men do a better job of protecting Black women?

I think just being there [and] supporting the endeavors of women. Of course, there have been challenges, but certainly, opportunities are opening. I think what men can do is just be really supportive and keep opening those doors. Let’s walk aside each other to build better communities.

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