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Find out how Corey Arvinger came up with the idea for Support Black Colleges

Find out how Corey Arvinger came up with the idea for Support Black Colleges
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Corey Arvinger is a media strategist, entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of the Support Black Colleges clothing line. Arvinger’s mission for the brand is to uplift, inspire and encourage others to support and attend HBCUs.

Where did you get the idea for the clothing line?

It initially started on the campus of Howard University [when] I was a sophomore. My cousin and I initially had the idea to start the brand. We felt like HBCUs weren’t represented to the magnitude that they should be. It kind of just started with one t-shirt, one logo, and it just spiraled from there, but it definitely started as a hobby. It was nothing that I thought would be what it is today.

Why did you choose fashion as a way to support HBCUs?

I tell people I don’t feel like I can dress, even to this day. I just throw on some regular stuff, to be honest with you. But I really love sneakers like Jordans and Yeezys. So then, you always need something to go with the shoes, and I feel like I’m really good at placing things together, marketing and branding, and understanding what looks good together.

I have developed my fashion because going to Howard University, you got to come dressed to the T. You can’t be in pajamas. It doesn’t work like that on campus. I’m used to being an athlete, so when I was wearing sweats, they were like ‘you gotta come harder.’ That taught me more and I think it really helped when it came to the branding side of things.

With the support of HBCUs rising, how do you your brand has helped move the needle?

We were a huge part of that. There was a Google search that was released which said that the term “Support Black Colleges” was one of the most Googled terms in the last 10 years. So we’ve definitely been integral in bringing the support of HBCUs up. People like Chris Paul Teyana Taylor, Pretty Vee, Brandy, Moneybagg Yo, Mulatto, and 2 Chainz have helped push the brand. And then us also utilizing the merchandise and building that community, I think it’s been super valuable.

I’m extremely happy because when Deion Sanders took the job at Jackson State to be the head coach, we were having a conversation with him. When these athletes signed to these big schools, we were having a conversation with them. A lot of schools reached out to us saying, “Hey, could you promote this for us, we understand that people listen to you, they love your voice.” It means a lot to us because that’s what it’s all about. Support Black Colleges, the name is simple. This is is what we want to do, support our people – and that’s what we’ve been able to do.

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