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Controversial social media influencer Kevin Samuels dead at 56

Controversial social media influencer Kevin Samuels dead at 56
Kevin Samuels (Image source: Instagram – @kevinrsamuels)

YouTuber Kevin Samuels has died at 56.

The relationship guru rose to fame with a slew of controversial perspectives. His death has been confirmed by the Atlanta Police Department, according to Phil Lewis.

On May 5, Samuels complained to Ortencia Alcantara, a female guest at his Atlanta home, of chest pain. As she attempted to help him, he fell on top of her and she called 911. By the time officers arrived, firefighters were already attempting CPR on the unresponsive man. He was transported to Piedmont Hospital.

The confirmation of his death happened hours after the rumors of his death began trending on social media. The Fulton County coroner’s office could neither “confirm or deny” Samuels’ death to rolling out on the evening of May 5. On the night of May 5, Samuels’ friends began posting their condolences and tributes. Lewis posted the police report on the morning of May 6.

Samuels garnered over a million followers on both Instagram and YouTube. He regularly went live on both platforms and invited guests who were seeking dating advice to join the broadcast. The host would deliver his opinion on the guests, often in a blunt way. For example, with men, he brought up the fact if they didn’t make much money, lived with their parents, were overweight and size of their genitals might have an impact on their dating situation. With women, he’d bring up their weight, the small percentage of men who actually make the amount of money they aspire to date and annual salaries as hindrances to their love life. He called rapper Saweetie an “adjustable 6.” Once he passed a million followers, he went on “The Breakfast Club,” DJ Vlad, “The Joe Budden Podcast” and did an Instagram Live with Nicki Minaj, during which she praised his bluntness. He also was featured in Future’s music video for “Worst Day.”

When queried about whether his delivery was tearing down Black women — among other demographics — the relationship coach said he treated all of his guests the same and he felt he was painted in such a bad light because he was a Black man with strong opinions.

The news of his death brought split reactions from social media users.

Meanwhile, people who disagreed with him, like Dr. Umar, still paid homage to the late influencer and discouraged people from mocking him and his death.

“I did not agree with the message or the method, but I’ve seen our community repeatedly celebrate celebrities who have done far worse than Mr. Kevin Samuels,” Umar’s caption read in part.

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