Lisa Bennett pens ‘Just Keep Living’ a book of hope, humor and inspiration

Lisa Bennett pens 'Just Keep Living' a book of hope, humor and inspiration
Lisa Bennett (Photo courtesy of Waylan “Cooley” Phillips)

Lisa M. Bennett at one point in her life worked as a top executive for a multinational Fortune 500 Company.  The arduous task of daily work demands distracted her from her vision of developing her God-given talents.

Today, Bennett is an author, a speaker, an entrepreneur,  and Youtube personality who helps people find and follow their purpose. Bennett’s superpower is encouraging dreamers to find their path and maximize their potential. She also runs a mindset and lifestyle practice called Fearless Coaching: “I am, I have, I can …”

In addition to the many accolades, Bennett has published a new book Just Keep Living: Conversations with Granny.

Bennett takes the reader on a conversational journey with her grandmother who shares life lessons for many issues plaguing people today, including grief, sexuality, marijuana and race.

What inspired you to write Just Keep Living?
Honestly, I was in a deep depression and Granny’s conversations were my daily therapy. After she passed away, I was sharing those conversations on Facebook and found that others missed her therapy too. My family and friends pushed me to write this in her memory.

What is the story behind the title?
When I was younger, I would watch Granny do things, make decisions, and I would always ask her why she did it that way. She always responded the same way. “I could tell you or explain to you why, but you are too young to understand how I see things or why I do things … just keep living and you will figure this all out for yourself.”

Lisa Bennett pens 'Just Keep Living' a book of hope, humor and inspiration

What should readers and audiences expect from the book?
Hope, humor, and honesty. It is thought-provoking and inspiring. Everyone can easily feel like they are talking with their own grandmother. But, when they finish reading, it feels like Granny just gave you a hug.

What did you like best about writing Just Keep Living?
The book started as part of my own therapy. I never expected for this book to be so mentally and emotionally freeing for other people. I feel so honored to share Granny with the world. As I read the reviews I am humbled in learning how it has impacted folks in ways I wouldn’t have guessed.

What’s next for you?
Continuing to walk in my purpose, step out on faith, work hard to leverage all of my gifts and just keep living.

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