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Arnicia V is the businesswoman you want negotiating your 6-figure salary

Arnicia V is the businesswoman you want negotiating your 6-figure salary
Arnicia V

Arnicia V is the CEO of Agency Eleven33, which is a unique consulting firm tailored to elevating business, personal, and career goals. Arnicia is a corporate power player who teaches professionals the power of using their nine to five to effectively transition into entrepreneurship.

The career exec talked with rolling out about her agency, how she’s helping her clients attain a six-figure salary, and the importance of building relationships while climbing the corporate ladder.

Tell us about consulting firm, Agency Eleven33.

Agency Eleven33 is built off of me and what I went through in my career, specifically how to negotiate a six-figure salary. To negotiate a six-figure salary, you need a person like me because companies have an HR department to negotiate on their behalf, but you don’t have anyone as an employee.

I always say I work for the organization, but I also work for the people and for the employees. The employees don’t know about the compensation data that’s out there and the compensation which you should be paid. You’re only going by what someone is telling you. They may say to go get a lawyer to look at the contract, but most people can’t afford a lawyer to look at that information unless they’re already making six figures.

I truly believe people should have a nine-to-five and their own business. If you use that nine-to-five to help fund your business, then you’re in a better place. Not only do I help you start your business, but I also help you build your business credit.

What is the importance of building relationships with your clients?

It’s very important, and I actually have three points that I will tell people when I’m teaching how to negotiate a six-figure salary, which is the R-K-N. R stands for research. You have to research the market, you can’t just go on and say, “This is the salary that they said that I [should] be making.” It’s bigger than that. The K stands for knowing what’s out there and what’s available, because you may want to leave this one day and go do something different. You might want to change career paths, but you have to know what’s out there and how to transition. The N is for networking. Networking is truly important in anything you do, and people really take this for granted. I feel like I am a master of networking because you don’t just give out phone numbers and email addresses, you have to stay connected. When I meet people, I reach out and ask how are they doing and how’s their family. I don’t want anything. Usually, when people reach out, they want something. So you have to network to a point where you’re not always reaching out to want something from someone — it’s genuine.

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