Bobby Brown recalls the moments leading up to marrying Whitney Houston

Bobby Brown recalls the moments leading up to marrying Whitney Houston
Bobby Brown (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston were one of the world’s most memorable couples. These two artists were great at what they did, and eventually found love for each other.

Brown’s new documentary “Biography: Bobby Brown” is set to premiere on May 30, and snippets from the show have been released. One snippet reveals the emotions leading up to Brown and Houston getting married in 1992.

Discussing the day, Brown says that he was “scared to death,” but Alicia Etheredge-Brown, who is now Brown’s current wife and was good friends with him back then, helped to calm him down.

Etheredge-Brown mentions in the documentary that she heard from her friend that Brown didn’t want to come out of the bathroom. Etheredge-Brown says that they laughed when they heard the news, and when they headed over to check on Brown, they claimed that he was OK and just had the jitters.

On the other hand, Brown explains the situation if he had more than just jitters, including him also being intoxicated.

“I was in there drinking, smoking, sniffing,” Brown said. He was adamant about not coming out of the bathroom until Alicia came and gave him a pep talk.

Etheredge-Brown recalls that she told Brown that he had to come out of the bathroom.

“I’m giving it to him like a sister would give it to him,” Etheredge-Brown said.

Brown told his friends that he was scared because he didn’t know if Houston loved him, but Etheredge-Brown set him straight. That’s when Brown said that he finally came to his senses and went on with the wedding.

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