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Cheryl Rich and company welcome all visitors to ‘The House’

How the show went from an idea to viewers’ screens
Cheryl Rich and company welcome all visitors to 'The House'
“The House” co-host Cheryl Rich (Photo courtesy of  FOX Soul)

As one the co-hosts of a new late-night talk show, “The House” on FOX Soul, Cheryl Rich is no stranger to drama and the cycle it creates. Her earlier childhood experiences are a cautionary tale for not what to do. However, as an adult, she has become a powerhouse in the entertainment industry and 20 years of “hood life” set the stage for her becoming a mental health advocate and an LGBTQ ally.

What was it like pitching “The House,” and how was it received?
“The House” was created by Aaron Johnson-Levy. When the idea for “The House” crossed my desk, I recognized it as a needed resource for the LGBTQIA+ community. However, needs, wants and [selling it] are three different topics. First, I approached Doug Jeffery, who put up the first bit of money. Next, my longtime friend, Anthony Perkins, introduced me to Kurt T. Jones, who is what’s known as a triple threat in Hollywood. Kurt signed as the director [and] showrunner. With the three needed elements in place, I was then able to present the concept of “The House” to my mentor [and] co-executive producer of the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” show, Doug DeLuca.

Why do you think audiences should tune in to the show, and what will they take away? 
This isn’t just a show for entertainment. It’s a window into the soul and lifestyle of what it means to be simply human. The hour you welcome us into your home isn’t about age, sex or status — it’s about connection. We took the needed conversation surrounding mental health and wrapped [it] up with food, fun and laughter. There’s also an opportunity to name feelings that a person maybe previously didn’t know how to cope with because they didn’t have the words to express themselves.

What was it like working with Ice Cube and other industry folks, and what did you learn?
I met Ice Cube when I snuck into the premiere of Friday and boldly handed him a letter. He appreciated my tenacity, and the next thing I knew, I was working on video shoots with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Yom Shadyac gave me the opportunity to be a production assistant on the set of Patch Adams with Robin Williams, and that’s where my early life experiences were a real blessing. [I had]the courage to go and do what most people will not, like taking a chance and risking the embarrassment that often accompanies learning new skills. Over 11 years, I realized that I was not working with the right teachers. So, I approached Doug DeLuca, who then had me sit back and study the business. I brought Doug DeLuca many projects over the years, and he would just smile, shake his head and tell me, “Good job, come back again,” – that is until I brought the puzzle pieces together for “The House.”

“The House” airs on Fox Soul Fridays at 9 p.m. EDT.

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