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Lil Baby’s security sends fan flying off the stage (video)

A fan could have sustained serious injuries after being sent airborne off the stage
Lil Baby's security sends fan flying off the stage (video)
Lil Baby at WGCI’s Big Jam in Chicago. (Photo by Eddy “Precise” Lamarre for rolling out)

Rap superstar Lil Baby showed concern for a fan after he was sent flying through the air and crashing head-first into metal barricades after he stormed the stage on Sunday, July 10, 2022.

Lil Baby was performing at the 2022 Openair Frauenfeld festival in Switzerland on Thursday, July 8, 2022, though the video of the fan flying through the air didn’t reach cyberspace until Sunday afternoon. 

In the video clip taken by a member of the staff, the Atlanta rapper was rocking out on the mic when suddenly an overzealous fan emerged on the right side of the stage and ran up to presumably hug Lil Baby. 

Obviously, the fan did not brace himself because security ran up on him and shoved him so hard off the stage that he literally flew headfirst into the barricade protecting the crowd.

Another security person reportedly helped the man to his feet. But there is no word if the fan sustained any injuries during his clumsy crash into the immovable barrier. 

Lil Baby, 27, whose real name is Dominique Armani Jones, paused the show to check on the welfare of the fan, who remained on the ground momentarily based on the angle that Lil Baby looked down at him.

Either some fans fail to pay attention to the headlines or the “My Turn” rapper inspires such adulation that some fans cannot help themselves. In September 2021, an overzealous fan rushed the stage in Charlotte, North Carolina, in a video that also went viral. Not long thereafter, two security guards had to return to the stage and manhandle another fan who was tackled and then dragged off. 

Some Lil Baby fans had jokes about the episode that could have ended badly for the wayward fan.

The debate also broke out that the bodyguards were reckless and excessive in defending Lil Baby and that it could have ended with a more unfortunate outcome for the fan.

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