Is the Black community to blame for Whitney Houston’s downfall?

Tyler Perry said she’d still be alive if we focused on her music
Is the Black community to blame for Whitney Houston's downfall?
Whitney Houston (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Whitney Houston’s birthday was just a few days ago, and people will never forget her legacy and amazing talent. Of course, later on in her career things began to spiral, and drugs became a big part of her downfall which led to her death.

In an interview with Kevin Hart, Tyler Perry addressed Houston’s downfall and the responsibility we all play in her demise.

“When I think about somebody who I love as dearly is Whitney, I did all I could to try and help her,” Perry said in the interview. “I believe she still would have been alive today had we not tried to make her into something she wasn’t.

“Her being booed at the Soul Train Awards was one of the worst things that could have happened to her in her life. People saying she’s ‘White’ or she’s this or that, made her want to show that she was something different.”

Hart said that Houston got caught up in the curse of trying to prove herself to the world, and also admitted that he had fallen into that same dark hole, temporarily losing sight o the bigger picture.

Perry said that if Houston focused on her talents, none of the other stuff that happened in her life would have mattered.

Do you think the Black community is to blame for Houston’s downfall?

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